10 Things In Print You Might Have Missed Over the Week That Was

Waking up after a long, anxiety-ridden night in bed, I was getting ready to leave for the day when my boyfriend said, “What are you going to do with the day?”

The short answer is: I’m running a marathon in Puerto Rico on the weekend, and since I’m training for three races per year, running about 8,500 miles and coming up with a schedule that maximizes performance and recovery and protects me for the future is a big priority. I decided to write about my five-week training journey and the first week, my running began with a little rejuvenation — and then I listened to the kids.

Then that night I watched “C’mon C’mon,” the beloved children’s classic movie by Oscar-winning and Oscar-nominated director Ray Harryhausen. It was awesome. Now here’s what happened next.

1. The Monday night edition of my parenting and break-dancing podcast was taped.

2. The social worker assigned to treat my daughter’s IEP, who met us when we first moved to Puerto Rico, congratulated me on my daughter’s making a Jump Rope for Heart walk team.

3. My baby son, who has severe agoraphobia and affects communication the first few weeks and months after birth, started to wake up.

4. The podcast, with guest Olivia Wilde, on international dating, supported me and my daughter’s decision to go on our first date.

5. My daughter and I attended a yoga workshop taught by Sruti, a yogi from Sri Lanka. Sruti was a teaching artist who moved from Miami to Puerto Rico, where she is taking a new yoga camp. Her class was a lovely experience for us both.

6. My 4-year-old and I had been talking about improving our cooking skills. I started the recipe with my husband’s recipe for mac and cheese and a broth-based salad. They were fabulous.

7. My 4-year-old tried her first basketball game.

8. It was 1:30 in the morning and my daughter’s friend’s mother was doing yoga on the living room floor.

9. We slept in our bunk beds at camp on this Puerto Rico holiday, three days at Ann Coulter’s ranch outside San Juan, more sleep-in-bed than we’ve had together in years.

10. My daughter was scared of snakes.

11. And she told me she doesn’t want to go to sleep-away camp again, even though we have a falling out with a girl who, out of high school jealously, has never shown her any respect and never will.

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