Abusive dad’s girlfriend found out daughter, 2, died after he drove drunk

One year ago, a 22-month-old Canadian boy was taken to the hospital after she was found unconscious. Her parents, Nicole Cude, 30, and her boyfriend Rodney Snider, 32, were charged with impaired driving and criminal negligence causing death. The toddler, identified only as Nina, died after suffering cardiac arrest.

Based on the results of toxicology tests performed on the child’s body, investigators are alleging that Nina ingested an illicit drug. According to a statement from the BC Crown, the child is believed to have consumed crystal methamphetamine. Investigators ruled out the possibility that Nina ingested methamphetamine from a bottle of frozen yogurt. She reportedly ingested the substance in another area of her home.

Investigators found a “deconfused” bag containing methamphetamine, which they claim was a clear methamphetamine powder, in the couple’s SUV.

The parents said they didn’t realize that the child was ill because she was fine earlier that night. According to a press release issued by the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development, the parents said the child had arrived at the hospital “on her own accord,” had not shown signs of any illness, and was eating, drinking, and sleeping normally.

Snider was acquitted of all charges last July. However, the parents of the toddler, named Adeline and Rodrigo R., have appealed.

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