Alan Partridge: The Podcast for Galleycats

“I was nowhere near any of the incidents that made it into the media since then. A still photograph doesn’t prove something.”, says the 22-year-old.

“A modern family’s ups and downs can be presented as turbulent and heartbreaking, without actually engaging with what it means to be a modern family.”

We felt compelled to create My Brother Wants Me Out of His Life. No longer do we have to explain that a family is not static, part of an abstract ‘family unit’. This film showcases how the voices of diverse communities – many voices we had never heard before – influence and shape our experience of intercultural families.

Last week was International LGBTI Pride. LGBTI Pride is a time to reflect on the values and principles that make LGBTI individuals feel welcome and at home in the world. As a father, I am glad that my son is embracing his queer identity and making his voice heard. But I am upset that my son feels compelled to express these personal perspectives by suing for libel and defamation.

The LGBTI community is made up of individual individuals who are free to define their identities. They are not instruments for community values or pre-determined notions of morality. A young man who seeks to assert his personal voice and identity with his interactions with a famous sport star is a worthy character and an important contributor to the open and vibrant dialogue that is so often lacking in a patriarchal or stifling culture.

I am proud of my son and his courage to speak about his experiences. This is my brother. It’s not the player.

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