Alec Baldwin’s ‘Rust’ might be the real ‘SNL’ Trump, accuser says

(CNN) — It seems like every day there’s a new twist to the Alec Baldwin/cybercriminal lawsuit.

The latest?

In the wake of a triumphant episode of “Saturday Night Live” in which Baldwin’s Donald Trump impersonation went viral and the actor got all kinds of publicity, a mystery man by the name of “Alec Romanoff” posted a Twitter message on March 9 that Baldwin allegedly replied to.

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The message included an image of the case number from the restraining order Romanoff had just obtained in connection with “Rust.”

Romanoff said in the tweet (seen below) that “Alec Baldwin for sale on Ebay tonight.”

Later that day, Baldwin reportedly tweeted a response to Romanoff, then deleted it.

“I know who this is,” he wrote. “This guy has been threatening me for 2 years. He’s a very odd, unpleasant individual. Sorry he felt so aggrieved by my comedy.”

According to a copy of the case and related paperwork discovered by TMZ , Romanoff tried to sell Baldwin on a couple of “Rust” comedy gigs over the past two years, only to have the actor reject them.

Romanoff says he was disappointed when Baldwin allegedly responded: “Do you know who the leader of the free world is?”

The response was used by Romanoff’s attorney last week to help lay the groundwork for a new lawsuit.

Romanoff’s lawsuit against Baldwin and his assistant, and a breach of contract claim against MSNBC as a result of the actor’s talks with CNN, are both currently pending in Manhattan court.

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