American Eagle flight makes emergency landing

An American Eagle flight from New York to Philadelphia yesterday had to make an emergency landing in Albany, after a mechanical problem developed around 35 minutes into the flight.

The jetliner was facing headwinds and flying about 530 miles per hour when it was forced to turn back, landing in the winds at 2pm.

But there were no injuries on board.

The crew declared an emergency, which caused the plane to slow down as the captain attempted to land. The plane was carrying 180 passengers and crew.

By then the plane had already had to turn around once due to a warning light in the cockpit.

American Eagle, the regional division of American Airlines, said the cause of the problem was still under investigation.

“The crew sounded the alarm upon examining the instrument panel and discovering a mechanical error.”

The flight continued to Philadelphia at 11.48pm and landed safely.

Two more American Eagle flights were delayed as a result of Friday’s snowstorm, but they would be back in the air yesterday evening.

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