Are you paying a premium for a premium experience?

Delta Air Lines is expected to become the latest major U.S. airline to join the exclusive, grandiose club of premium-class operations. And according to aviation consultant Bob Mann, that means ticket prices will go up.

Washingtonian asked Mann, CEO of consulting firm R.W. Mann & Co., to give us a close look at Delta’s plan. Here’s his prediction, along with his “up until 2018” forecast for how much it will cost you to fly.

Cost to book 2019 2020 2026 Delta (premium economy) $600 $600 $800 American Airlines $600 $600 $800 United Airlines $600 $600 $800 Delta International: $600 $600 $800 Delta Customer Experience $600 $600 $800 United Airlines Executive Platinum: $600 $600 $800 United Airlines Executive Platinum: $600 $600 $800

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