Benasoff Morning Ride: a corporate romance that comes with a $1K plane ticket and potholes

It’s Monday, so it’s time for our weekly love bites:

In a walk along the George Washington Memorial Parkway earlier this week, this young woman stopped to request a complimentary cup of coffee from the coffee truck she recently downloaded from WTOP Radio. Coffee was provided, and while waiting for the nectar to trickle into her fridgeside cup, she expressed her desire to meet host Jill Rosen.

The woman, neither identified nor detailed in news releases, began corresponding with the show’s director of programming, Kipp Benasoff, through Twitter. Then, that flirtation turned to months of uninterrupted texting and phone calls, which, according to the sender, eventually culminated in a passionate overnight phone call. On Wednesday, on her way to collect Benasoff’s hotel reservation, the young woman was pulled over by police, given a ticket and told she needed to sleep it off.

The next morning, she was back at work, eager to talk about the overnight rendezvous that she’d had while traveling from Michigan to visit a former teacher of hers.

… And so this is our story about our first all-time corporate romance.

“Without the fans and contacts I’ve made through your team, the overnight phone call that happened, and our recent meal at our favorite restaurant and coffee shop, I would not be here today,” she told Benasoff in a coffee spill on WTOP’s air.

Of course, another email was sent. And another. “I may need you to explain what happened,” she informed him.

“It seems that you had an obsession to spend the whole evening meeting with this person,” he told her. “Let me take this moment to ask you this, will you please return that plane ticket that I gave you?”

The young woman replied: “I’m not interested in opening up new doors for you on anything. I just have to catch up on our little chitchat.”

After that, he responded: “I can live without the rest of my calls, too. But you’re cute.”

Benasoff’s phone is the latest—and perhaps most insane—fascination of a host who has amassed some 2.6 million followers since becoming the social media, technology and government reporter for WTOP five years ago. Benasoff is best known for his podcast, “Coffee and Conclusions,” which is now available on iTunes and other services.

Benasoff’s son, Sebastian, once totaled a parked rental car with another driver who had been tailgating him. Sebastian got out of the car and gave chase on foot. After a few blocks, the young man gave up, but challenged his father to “a dirtbike race.” So the two headed for a parking lot, but soon discovered that they had been chased by another person who followed along in a blue mini-van. Benasoff’s son ran after the car and punched it in a parking lot. “I think the guy ran out and grabbed the keys,” Benasoff said.

Despite getting some flak for appearing to exploit the shared experience, Benasoff said the experience brought the two closer together.

“It’s quite lovely for him to put himself out there and have people say that, but I would much rather that than getting thrown out of my house and getting in a car crash and ending up in the ER,” Benasoff said. “That’s much, much better.”

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