Britney Spears hits out at fans for helping after ice-related car accident

The pop star posted a video to Twitter explaining that fans were the ‘heroes who helped’ her after she was struck by an icy car

“You guys saved my life,” said Britney Spears in a tweet on Thursday. Spears posted the message to her 14.2 million followers to share her gratitude to fans who helped during a car accident this week.

Spears is known to enjoy an ardent and adoring fan base, but the singer also uses social media to speak out against sexism and abuse, such as a recent video which told the stories of sexual abuse and harassment faced by women on Twitter.

In the short video, Spears appears with a pile of police tape around her head, next to the caption: “On 2/15, I was not wearing a seatbelt. I fell and hit my head. I was driving on ice in a fender bender. A car hit me from behind. It was a fender bender, I did not stop at a stop sign, no traffic lights.”

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“The car hit me from behind, I did not stop at a stop sign, no traffic lights,” said Spears. “The car next to me did stop at a stop sign. I was out of my car, I was in the middle of the street.”

There is a line of cars stopped directly across the road where Spears hit the curb, but it is not clear from the video who stopped at what time.

“Thank you for stopping and stopping quick. Thank you so much to the people that stopped,” said Spears. “I appreciate you guys so much.”

The video of the accident has been viewed more than 330,000 times since being posted on Thursday, though Spears has remained largely silent over the past few days.

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