Europe’s Most Beautiful Towns, Then and Now

The veil of summer has only just been lifted, but the beauty of European cities is already in full swing. Check out the European Capital of Culture, Architecture Wonders of the World and City Unusual selections of the Best European Cities in the travel and lifestyle category. And, of course, the final selection of our Honors report is the European’s Most Beautiful Towns. Below, some must-try city escapes to put in perspective what a great vacation we are in for this summer.


Lyon celebrates its centenary as the capital of France with an ambitious show featuring 30 large projects from across the region, including French architects Koen Nancrae and Philippe Starck.


Continuing its win for the most romantic city in Europe, Copenhagen is looking equally romantic in its week-long City Celebration, which reimagines cityscape models to show in new ways what can be achieved with large-scale art.

Don’t miss: Copenhagen Concert Hall, Thalit Hlumenift – Composition & Mirrors at Cantina Krann, at Copenhagen Stadtmuseum.


Take Vienna’s annual Art ViennaWeekends by storm with dozens of new art installations in many of Vienna’s most central landmarks.


Munich hosts its four-month “World of Art” – an ambitious show led by German names such as Hofmann (Hans Benjamin) Deiling.


Photograph: Map Box/Getty Images

In fall Italy celebrates the national festival of the Tuscan wilderness with 150 exhibitions across the Tuscan countryside, highlighting how, up through the mid-20th century, the region continued to be known for its natural beauty and quality of life.


The Dutch stronghold known for its famous winemaking, architecture and art is home to the Flanders Wine Academy and the 14th-century Bruges Beer Library.


Go below the surface in Berlin’s “Vitamins” Museum, open till fall. Inside, rare and rarely seen meditations of the past arrive through the histories of foods and plants in both Germany and the World War II Reichskanzler (Nazi Ministry of Propaganda).

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