Information for skiers and snowboarders in the winter of 2020-21

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Skiers and boarders can book their lift tickets at www.gö For ski spots beyond Switzerland and Austria, snow taxonomy is a useful tool to search for ski zones in winter and some web site comparisons, including information on pistes.

If you’d like to see more ski pistes on the site, further “advanced navigation”, which offers a good list of lifts, will also be helpful.

For questions, you can also contact the ski information line at any time of the year on 02-1184-0-894 (Swiss). Have a click over to

If you need a lift pass, check the “license liability” section on the site, where you can book the pass directly for the number of days you’ll be at the resort.

You can also, through this “details on the deal” page, find out where you can get lift passes for different time zones.

There’s more information on the price-checking page on the site where you can also find out more about promotions.

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