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My nice friend, Ian Birrell, who writes so sensitively about the creative industries for the London Times, has relocated to Hong Kong, where he hopes to work on some “household-name” projects:

“I want to explore the thriving subculture of design thinking (‘design thinking’ is the new fad, which is officially backed by these two agencies) and perhaps conjoin with friend and Chelsea FC fan, Behnaz Sarafpour, to partner our men in training, the trophy snobs at Fulham FC, who apparently also value good design. And there is also wonderful pottery and mugs and suchlike in Hong Kong; I can see myself returning with my kids.”

But that is not all. In the midst of the biggest family, I am reminded that a bright spark has recently burst to life. Stuart Pankhurst, a filmmaker, poet and playwright, has been sent to the temple of surfing and frozen foods to work on a film about the late surfing entrepreneur Jim Watt; the film, subtitled The Rise of Jim Watt, will be screened in the 2010 TED conference, considered to be the biggest gathering of ideas and dreams and worship and all other hoo-ha.

But am I the only one who remembers how Russell Brand had “made up with Rupert Murdoch”?

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