Justin Bieber hits Canada with flag T-shirts, twin-headed horn dogs and the fam (and themselves)

‘Have yourself a Timbibs,’ a sign tells customers shopping at the Canadian coffee chain’s Hollinger Gardens location in Toronto

Twin-headed horn dogs. Chili dogs in UFO costumes. A right royal nacho frenzy. Now, Canadians (and you’ve got to be Canadian to even put a chill in that) can buy some merchandise inspired by the hottest popstar on the planet.

Tim Hortons – Canada’s biggest fast-food chain and a pioneer of the “double-double” sandwich – have teamed up with pop sensation Justin Bieber in a multi-part tie-in. You can now have your very own Timbibs, for example, and they feature the Canadian flag and symbols of Bieber’s country. See the Canadian flag by the branches! Or just the stars! Believe them when they say they didn’t just do this yourself.

“The CanadaForever [line] is Justin’s homage to Canada and all that we share with our country,” Ryan Seacrest tweeted. “I am so proud to be Canadian and to now represent it through my television, radio and branding.”

Thursday brought the public debut of the initial collection of themed toadies at the Hollinger Gardens location in Toronto. The line will become available online from 1 August.

Bieber’s likeness will appear on limited edition coffee cups, as well as a “double-double” giveaway menu. A limited edition full-bodied coffee will be available for Canadians on the September 4 (congrats to any doubting teens of a certain age). The singer and Canada’s mascot, Tim Hortons’ iconic and beloved red maple leaf, will play a part in further marketing. The talented Canadian artist Alanna Robertson said she crafted a poem commemorating the partnership. Bieber beat out competition from 311, North, and the PNE before he was picked. This isn’t his first flag-themed gear. In 2015, he wore a hat that showed the flag of Canada – as if it were up for auction.

Taylor Swift, who is Canadian through her father, fans, and this awfully named ABBA tribute band, is the latest foreign pop sensation to collaborate with a Canadian-based brand. Earlier this year, she supported Drake at an outdoor concert in Canada, and has no doubt gotten a taste of summer Canadian weather.

Sadly, the collaboration was not as fruitful for his new wife, Sofia Richie. After Bieber took her on a vacation to Italy, reports surfaced of the 16-year-old model with Bieber soon filing for divorce. While Bieber did shoot a video in Italy with Richie, he and Richie have been married for just seven weeks.

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