Kenneth Robinson raped girl on school property – then sent her to Harvey school (pdf)


Ennis A. Robinson, age 49 (A), a 5th Ward resident, was convicted as charged by an Orleans Parish jury after a 2-day trial in Criminal District Court with the following offenses:

One count of first-degree rape, which carries a mandatory minimum term of 60 years in prison.

One count of forcible sexual battery, which carries a mandatory minimum term of 10 years in prison.

One count of indecent behavior with a juvenile, which carries a mandatory minimum term of 30 years in prison.

One count of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, which carries a mandatory minimum term of 30 years in prison.

Harvey, Louisiana

On November 4, 2014, a seventeen-year-old female citizen residing at Sunpark Montessori School in the 2900 block of Tchoupitoulas Street, informed the OPD of a sexual battery involving a 7th grade girl residing at the same school.

An OPD investigation revealed that a group of seven girls and a girl’s mother were walking home from school on November 4, 2014, when they were approached by a male identified as Bully, age 56 (A). Bully asked the group of girls if they would get him a lighter and then exited the woods near the school and approached the group of girls carrying a handheld flashlight. Bully stated that he was looking for his dog because the dog barked, and had any of the girls come with him and he would let the dog off his leash and they could go to eat candy.

One of the seven girls, who did not have any candy with her, drew out her phone, which was just purchased to provide her mother with guidance and guidance when she was having a child, to answer Bully’s questions. Bully shook the device and told her to record him. She then handed him the phone and asked Bully what exactly he was doing with the phone. The girl then noticed the flashlight fixture attached to the device and claimed to see black stick figures in her teens posing as men in suits. The girl then found the camera attached to the flashlight, and unbeknownst to Bully, took several pictures of the black stick figures with his own phone, while Bully was still bound to the trunk of his car.

The girl then took a picture of Bully grabbing her private parts and did what she thought was the right thing to do by immediately telling her mother what had happened and how she was frightened. The mother then called the OPD.

Upon the daughter’s release from school, the same day, Bully had sex with her, resulting in a conviction of rape. Bully (A) was arrested, tested for HIV and was exposed to the disease. He did not seek treatment but completed his sentence by entering into a plea agreement with the prosecution. Bully (A) was not given jail time and was allowed to be re-released as long as he followed a 12-step program.

Harvey. Louisiana

On December 8, 2014, a seventeen-year-old female citizen residing at Tulane Park Apartments in the 1200 block of Marigny Street was assaulted by Robinson (A). The girl was leaving Tulane Park Apartments when a man approached her and told her he was offering free haircuts. Robinson approached the girl and began kissing her, and she rebuffed him. The girl told Robinson to stop kissing her and got up and walked away. Robinson followed her and began kissing her again. The girl told Robinson to stop kissing her again and got up. Robinson followed her, pushed her into a car, knocked her down, and then dragged her into the back seat of the car, where he proceeded to assault her. He got out of the car a short time later and ran back to the apartment building.

Later that day, a seventeen-year-old girl contacted the OPD to report her concerns regarding Robinson’s behavior.

Robinson was arrested and tested for HIV. He completed a contract in 2015 with the prosecution and received a thirty-year jail sentence, all of which was suspended. He was required to participate in a 12-step program.

Bryan, Louisiana

On February 7, 2015, a seventeen-year-old girl discovered that Robinson (A) had followed her in the school parking lot after she left and a female friend of hers at the school.

Robinson was arrested and charged with sexual battery of one victim, committing sexual battery on a child under the age of fourteen, second-degree kidnapping and simple sexual battery.

Robinson (A) was sentenced to ten years of penitentiary time, all of which was suspended. Robinson was not required to register as a sex offender

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