Manny Pacquiao: I’ll Jail My Political Rivals if I Win Philippines Presidency

Manny Pacquiao said in a radio interview that if he wins the Philippine presidential election he will jail former allies he feels were too close to his rival.

The former Filipino boxing superstar told Radio DZBB that his political rivals have been a “threat to the country.”

Pacquiao told about 120 foreign correspondents gathered in his hometown in General Santos City that his opponents in the May 9 election, Rodrigo Duterte and Antonio “Bongbong” Bernabe, have compromised the Philippines’ sovereignty.

“I will jail him in prison,” Pacquiao told the radio station’s Bolador show.

He also said that a new leader will take over the prison service and appoint people that are loyal to them to the post.

Pacquiao is currently running for president under the national Filipino political party Senate Majority Coalition. He is vying for a spot in the next Philippine head of state elections in May 2021.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte won May 9’s election with 59 percent of the votes.

On Thursday, Duterte said that he was troubled by the statements of his opponent.

“Manny said a lot of things that really made me worried because I knew Manny and had seen them before,” Duterte said during a press conference in Makati City.

“Manny has the tendency to say things because he’s got a lot of good things to say,” he said.

Duterte has a very strained relationship with the Filipino public, which has heavily criticized him for human rights violations and for allegedly encouraging vigilante killings.

This is not the first time Pacquiao has run for the presidency of the country. He previously faced Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. in a 2016 Senate runoff.

But Trump had declared that he’d voted for his opponent.

“I know the whole story,” Pacquiao told reporters at a live interview. “I’m not saying that because I have to be loyal, I voted for Bongbong.”

He’s been lobbying for Trump’s endorsement ever since.

“That’s what Trump said during the Philippines election, he voted for Marcos,” Pacquiao said at one point during the radio interview.

“He’s my brother in the US. Everybody in the US is my brother, I want everyone here to be my brother in the Philippines. I’m not doing this for anybody else but my people in the Philippines,” he said.

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