Mississippi executes man convicted of killing two women

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Ronald Giles was condemned for the 1988 murders of two Memphis, Tennessee women

The US state of Mississippi has executed an inmate convicted of killing two women in 1988.

Ronald Giles, 57, was put to death by lethal injection at 10:53pm ET (02:53 GMT on Friday).

He was one of three people convicted of the crimes. Another man died in a shooting accident in 1991.

Mr Giles had earlier lost a bid to stay his execution because his court hearings were held before several key Supreme Court decisions.

The Supreme Court ruled in 2012 that defendants have a right to court review of evidence that could be impeaching, raising concerns that Giles had evidence undermined in his case.

Giles filed a last-minute appeal to the Supreme Court, which declined on Thursday.

His lawyers argued that in order to ensure they would have information when he took the death penalty, they should have been given all the documents about his case that had been reviewed by the Mississippi Supreme Court.

Mr Giles was convicted of killing James Vickery, 29, and his girlfriend Cecilia Richard, 28, at the Lorain Florissant Correctional Facility in the state’s capital, Jackson.

He was given life sentences, with the possibility of parole, in 1989 after jurors rejected his lawyer’s claim that he had been abused by a prison guard.

In the same year, Giles began working as a night watchman at the facility.

In November 1988, Giles tracked down Mr Vickery and persuaded him to help him steal a pool cue.

Mr Vickery and Mr Richard were found strangled.

Mr Giles was also convicted of killing 43-year-old Joseph Schreck when he abducted him in Clarksdale.

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