Mistrial overturned for men in trial of Malcolm X assassin

The mistrial of two men on trial for the 1968 killing of civil rights activist Malcolm X will be overturned on Tuesday morning, according to several court reporters and several individuals with knowledge of the case. They are expected to walk free.

The trial of Dexter Gordon and Nasir Ali was abruptly canceled on November 1 when Judge Steven Gold realized there was a 90 percent chance he would not be able to seat a jury before the trial began. On Tuesday morning, the two sides will be summoned into a hearing and Gold may offer a new trial or a proposed sentencing or stipulated sentence. The new trial would take place in August, 20 years after the death of Malcolm X.

“We feel like this is our victory,” Farida Alharbi, Gordon’s spokeswoman, told The New York Times. “We are so excited. Malcolm X is going to get to rest in peace in peace. It’s beautiful.”

The mistrial was announced at a dramatic time. It was the first ever not to go forward in court for both men. The trial was expected to take up about a week. On Tuesday morning, during a lunch break in the courtroom, the public was barred and the court reporter was unable to enter the courtroom. Court workers “shouted and nudged each other and shook their heads at the news,” a reporter for NBC News reported.

Prosecutors in the case were swift to criticize the abrupt halt. “It’s a huge victory,” Gerald Lefcourt, an attorney for Ali, told The New York Times. “Malcolm X was killed and they [the two men] were exonerated. There’s never been this kind of effort by defense attorneys and the majority of the jury present.” Lefcourt said in the statement that there were “too many questions” to allow the case to move forward to the jury.

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