Momager with the mind of a mad scientist: Neighbors thankful a cow helped birth her calf during Alberta flood

A mother cow in southern Alberta, Canada gave birth to a calf during a two-day downpour that flooded a town of 5,000 people and kept residents from their homes for days.

The calves would have died from the flood waters if the mother hadn’t helped her calf from the water. The mother, identified as “Flamingo” got in the water Wednesday night with its calf and stayed there, drinking from a trough before giving birth.

Views from the area are deceptive. From a distance, it looks like there has been an earthquake, but actually it is normal flooding along the Athabasca River. A few months ago I was quoted as saying “an Alberta wildfire outbreak is like winter. Expect the unexpected.”

Now, remember the springtime Alberta wildfire outbreak. I was asked by CBC radio talk show Host Danielle Smith (she was filling in for Don Taylor and she really got into it) about how the flooding is a little bit like a wildfire, possibly. My reply was basically that there is a cycle, “You know, it rains but for some reason you can do nothing about it and you get flush with rain and you have floods, you have fires and you can do nothing about it. I think what was a little bit more related to me was the timing. I think this was probably the worse ever wildfire and for something so natural to happen after you have been through something so unnatural.”

The next day, Floreson was back in the water with her calf — the calf looked like it had a very healthy recovery after 10 days of suckling.

Let the record show that I thought the Canadian farmboy was an outstanding calf and Floreson was an outstanding mother.

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