National Guard helicopter pilot hailed as hero after rescuing nine people from floodwaters

A National Guard helicopter pilot is credited with saving nine people Monday afternoon in a high water rescue in Adair County, Ohio, near the Indiana border.

According to news reports, four adults and four children were rescued by helicopter from a stranded car that broke through floodwaters on State Route 25. The NBC affiliate in Indianapolis reported that the rescued crew members included National Guard Capt. Paul Coleman and Trooper Anna Delahoyde, who had been working with Indiana State Police.

“I had really close call a year ago,” Coleman told the Indianapolis Star, referring to the 2016 flooding that destroyed much of his home. “I saw more emergency room activity in one hour in Adair County than I saw in 11 years, and it just sickened me. And these people need to be saved.”

Multiple helicopter crews worked to rescue several stranded people in the area.

Courtesy of Adair County sheriff’s department

Courtesy of Adair County sheriff’s department

The flooding was caused by a heavy rain and cause up by ongoing thunderstorms. There were several roads that were impassable or that had standing water that blocked traffic. About 500 children and 45 horses that were at Zoom! Natural Safari in Sellersburg, Indiana, were safe after being evacuated from a stranded trailer that was swept out of the parking lot, an Indiana State Police spokeswoman said.

Indiana State Police closed an entire stretch of road in Adair County, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Adair County Sheriff Jerry Jones told the Los Angeles Times that emergency services responded to several of these injuries after being told to drive home to avoid the flooded roadways.

The weather appears to be staying calm in this area at the moment, but other areas of the northeast are under a flood watch.

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