Other great things to do this week: Feb. 23 – March 1

1. Toni Morrison

The feminist icon will take over Emerson Theater’s Center Stage stage this Wednesday in a special tribute performance.

2. Beauty and All Its Hints

Award-winning performance artist Karen Finley joins Salon Paris for a special discussion of how the politics of beauty might influence social and cultural change.

3. Planning Paris and its Importance

You can travel around the globe as far as the latest political tome or presidential interviews and find no contemporary experience quite like that of a theisienne. This look at the Diderot-class of 20th-century Parisian modernity will remind you just how different city life is in 19th-century Paris.

4. The Coming Explosion of Audio

Sound Nation on SiriusXM offers a comprehensive exploration of how streaming audio is reshaping the landscape of music — including guest interviews, studio performances, and how artists are positioning themselves to benefit from these rapidly growing, controversial and, some might say, necessary platforms.

5. A Dig into Vinyl: Art and the Influence of Immersive Eaux

Curator Debbie Fioto on how she curated the Italian artist Rebecca Mooney’s new solo show at White Cube. The “Transistional Vortex” at MoMA’s 675 Fifth Avenue is an immersive installation of Mooney’s work.

6. Elena Delle Donne and Others on Art

We’re excited for this panel exploring the future of art — specifically, how America’s top women athletes are using their cultural capital to shape it.

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