Police: 52-Year-Old Toronto Man Charged with Vandalism, Voyeurism After Model’s Surprise Suspicion

A 52-year-old Toronto man has been charged with voyeurism after a model allegedly discovered a camera recording under her clothes at a model and swimwear shoot in the city’s west end, police said Saturday.

The U.S.-based modelling agency Space shot the shoot in November, and the model, who wished to remain anonymous, reported the alleged incident after returning to Los Angeles, Calif., earlier this week, said Sgt. Mary-Jo Labbe with the Toronto Police Service, speaking to the Associated Press.

Police then launched an investigation into the incident. On Saturday, police arrested Lee Hayden White, who will appear in court on Feb. 11, at police headquarters, Labbe said.

White has been charged with three counts of voyeurism, as well as one count of mischief under $5,000.

Labbe said police do not yet know how long the camera was recording, how many videos it had or exactly what the model’s footage would show.

The model, who said she also saw the camera in the dressing room used by other models, told the AP that she found it “intriguing” that someone was covertly filming her in there.

“I found the whole thing very unsettling,” she said. “I was so embarrassed, especially because I take that job very seriously.”

The model said Space did not contact her directly regarding the incident and is now looking into the matter with the police.

For the model, the incident was a troubling reminder of the filming of Hollywood celebrities in hotel rooms that became public last year, she said.

“To be thinking that you’re being filmed, even when you’re not wearing a dress, is really, really creepy,” she said.

The model said she believes other models may have found the camera too.

“These are professional, successful people, and I know a lot of people in the industry,” she said. “They are probably a little bit uncomfortable about that.”

The Toronto Star first reported the incident.

The Space model said she had never worked with White before, but is happy the matter is now being investigated.

“If I was being filmed, I wouldn’t have even gotten in that room in the first place,” she said.

Space is a Los Angeles-based modeling agency and offers photoshoots, fittings and photo shoots using “custom-designed erotic photography and video technology from the private manufacturer of a NASA-grade satellite camera,” according to the agency’s website.

Officials at Space were not immediately available for comment.

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