Rebekah Brooks accepts Observer challenge to make TV case for News International

Rebekah Brooks, News International’s former former CEO and editor of the News of the World, published her online blog on 19th October, accepting a challenge to argue her position on the issue of the Kingman Heights case. Kingman Heights, the fact that News International was aware of the innocence of a claimant in the Kingman Heights case, was asserted by one of the two men who have recently been released from prison, Chis Watkins and later the Court of Appeal. This was made by Professor David Barrie in relation to Article 2 “The right to a fair trial”; it was brought to light by a judge who concluded that News International was in contempt of the court in relation to four of the six cases already mentioned. These are now before the court of appeal. News International’s challenge of Professor Barrie’s submissions will be heard by a panel of justices in due course, but has been adjourned until a later date, possibly 5th or 6th November. These are the fundamental issues that Professor Barrie claims News International breached.

Rebekah Brooks has now accepted our offer to present a scenario showing the Observer, and Leveson Report, did not find News International guilty of contempt. The data has also been provided to the court, in the form of an analysis of it by Professor Barrie. He has made his own analysis on what Professor Barrie did not do. His analysis can be found on Line 25 and it explains why Professor Barrie has now been convinced that he was right. His detailed analysis can be found here, in the first paragraph of his report published yesterday.

It is our position that in and of itself, the Leveson Report may have failed in law, and it has put us on a collision course with the Oxford Royal Society, and a line needs to be drawn. We have decided that Rebekah Brooks’ website will now become a not-for-profit organisation and we invite all those interested in the Leveson Inquiry into the press to assist Rebekah by visiting the Rebekah Brooks website at

[Illustration: Photograph by Daniel Baron; used with the permission of Kevin Breen. Copyright Kevin Breen]

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