Stormy Daniels’ ‘very curious’ jury members are waiting for pictures of themselves with the star

Perhaps you had your eye on Stormy Daniels’ face when she testified before Congress earlier this year, but before it can shine so brightly, she will have to appear before Judge James Otero to get the court to allow her to share photographs of herself with the people (journalists, specifically) who are waiting for her. The Hollywood Reporter interviewed a person who asked not to be named, a juror in the Stormy case, and she revealed that a significant portion of the panel is “very curious” about the identity of the witness.

She insists she never spoke to The Daily Beast about her relationship with President Trump. The article was published in January and there is no picture of her. Daniels’ team subpoenaed The Daily Beast to identify the reporter, David Kushner, and the answer to the request could come later this month, before the trial begins next week. Daniels will be required to have her picture taken before any of her opening statements.

“This is unprecedented,” Judge Otero told The Hollywood Reporter. “I don’t know what people’s motive is to look at the pictures.”

Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti, believes the witness is Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen. “If the case is frivolous, Judge Otero needs to show that by denying the request to address the request on the record that he is addressing the frivolousness of it,” Avenatti told The Hollywood Reporter. The juror’s lawyer called Judge Otero “more St. George than Peter Pan.”

Avenatti also filed a motion asking that the court not allow Mueller to be part of the case, since they are not recognized witnesses. “The United States doesn’t ordinarily take depositions from a witness who is not a party,” according to the Daily Beast. “Federal District Judge James Otero has so far refused to sanction Mr. Avenatti’s ludicrous motion.”

In all likelihood, Daniels is not revealing who she is due to professional reasons. This could wind up becoming an episode of the Law & Order “Who’s Coming After You?” franchise if the names of potential criminal defendants do not remain confidential until the end of the case.

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