Survey says: A lot of travelers are Black Friday consumers

Written by Eben Novy-Williams, CNN

Last year, American Airlines had to delay some 9,000 flights in its rush to meet aggressive sales targets over Black Friday weekend.

In response, the airline’s chief financial officer, Derek Kerr, issued a stern warning.

“We believe we will be making mistakes … that we won’t be able to cover,” Kerr said.

Ironically, American Airlines is one of the airlines this year’s Black Friday travelers will find most convenient, with its new long-haul flights and turnaround times.

CNN’s Poppy Harlow reports on the status of plans to add weekend flights across Europe.

With so many airlines flying nonstop between the US and Europe , are Europe-bound business travelers turning to November for discounts on that final leg?

In our United States of Travel survey, published on Thursday , travelers reveal their true Black Friday intentions.

In some areas, that means getting a bargain by re-linking to their travel plans from home.

Other travel trends the survey underscores are a rising desire for shorter weekends, a preference for light travel and a curbed appetite for long plane rides.

Sometimes, Black Friday deals don’t necessarily amount to much.

American Airlines says they could be ready for busiest travel day ever.

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