The Best Stands at The Steady Music Hall of Fame

The Django Reinhardt-inspired trio Cowboy Bebop had a little bit of everything at its New York Music Hall of Fame induction last year, with guitarists Ginger Baker and Ravi Coltrane belting out a myriad of sounds alongside the rising stars of a new-school jazz movement.

Reinhardt and his protege Django Bates came up with the audacious Django/Bebop route to jazz back in the 1940s, largely because of their love of film. They saw the ability of the lush visuals of the George and David Errolson movies to keep audiences hooked, with the dissonance and dissonance of each instrument hearing their elements combine and mesh in unusual ways.

When he passed away in 1969, Reinhardt left behind all sorts of legacy tracks that have kept the jazz world buzzing ever since. While it will be the moment in the Steady Music Hall of Fame where Cowboy Bebop gets inducted that stands out most, this jazz-influenced band got its start in the mid-80s, starting with a singles run in the UK and then taking them to the jazz festivals and gigs around the world.

Credited with influencing the next generation of guitar-led groups and pianists who followed them, it was drummer Yoko Kanno who actually laid the foundation of the Bebop sound for the band.

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