The Bottega Veneta Monster Inspired. New York Show TIP sheet!

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Fashionista Alessandro Michele transformed Bottega Veneta from a cliché, icon-filled Italian luxury label to something cool and empowering with his new collection, shown on Wednesday night at the legendary Milan Fashion Week.

This new collection is not just for sexy ladies though as Michele swapped the old logo for a tiger logo.

They will be at a super crowded event to celebrate their latest designs at Freemasons Hall in New York. Oh and talk about friendship, the colors, patterns and textures will be inspired by everyone’s favorite movie monsters. The end result will be a collection inspired by Universal’s monster movie franchise. The references also include Marco Polo, Bob Ross’ Pottery Barn color choices, etc.

The exhibition that was already held in New York will continue to run from June 28th to August 5th in Tokyo.

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