These are the stories of mothers who abandoned their careers for their daughters

These are the stories of mothers who sent their girls into an entirely different world.

Some abandoned their careers for their children. Others envisioned a work-at-home future for their sons. And what worked for one might not fly for another. So we called on fathers to share with us the sacrifices they made in order to make sure their daughters could pursue their dreams.

Leilani Taylor was voted most likely to succeed. That meant her mother, Pam Storey, the girl’s principal, was going to need to find a job for her to become the future businesswoman and corporate leader she was planning to become. “I knew there were going to be multiple jobs and so I developed plans in my head of how I was going to put it in place for this college life that I’d always wanted for her,” Storey said.

Madison Merchant had a father who couldn’t even run a lemonade stand. Daniel Merchant, the entrepreneur she credits with making her laugh and breaking her back in a bike accident, sought out his own startup. Madison advised him to “pursue what you love and what you enjoy doing. If you’re a person who has a love for photography or music, as long as you know your passion, you know what’s going to bring you joy,” Madison said.

Get a very intimate peek inside Madison’s home and her journey to entrepreneurship in the video above.

This is one in a series of articles on living at home by Elisha Goldstein, an account executive at Arthur D. Little. She’s also the author of Tomorrow’s Mother. To view the articles in the series, click here.

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