Thomas Rhett posts a photo of his newborn daughter

Singer-songwriter Thomas Rhett posted a photo to Instagram on Wednesday showing his fourth child, Ada James Akins, in the hospital bed with her mom, Lauren Akins.

“Legit a miracle. Ada James has breezed through labor thus far. These boys are going to make you feel all things, that’s what makes them perfect, so choose to be a part of them,” Rhett wrote.

Rhett is already the father of two boys — Willa Gray, 2, and Remington Alexander, 4 months — with his wife, Lauren Akins. The couple tied the knot in May 2013.

In another Instagram post, Akins says she’s been taking care of the other children “from sunrise to sunset” since going into labor early Monday morning.

“Folks… I have never been so loving, excited, and grateful to be able to have a reason to get up on a machine called a toilet than I am right now! Without this thing I literally would not be here,” she wrote.

According to the Akins, no pre-nuptial agreement has been signed, and their family finances are reported to be handled jointly.

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