Toronto police arrest man in Jewish community center vandalism

Written by Sadiya Ansari, CNN

Toronto police have arrested a man on multiple charges for alleged “hate-motivated mischief incidents” including vandalism that cost $140,000.

John Lawrence Londregan, 36, appeared in court on January 25, along with two co-accused, Ronald Louis Jackson and Fredrick Paul Quinn. They are charged with breaking windows and spray-painting derogatory graffiti throughout the weekend of January 19-20, including racially charged depictions of Jews and black people.

Video from a local emergency services broadcast shows the public releasing buckets of water onto a number of house to dispel possible accelerants on sidewalks, leading to a Toronto police bomb squad investigation.

The incident, which occurred outside a Jewish community center in east Toronto, caused widespread media attention, and prompted a coordinated response from Jewish organizations — including local universities — condemning the vandalism.

The video also sparked a social media effort to identify the culprits and organize rallies protesting racism. On January 26, around 200 people gathered for a rally outside a Toronto police station.

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