Twitter is in an uproar because Pete Davidson somehow thinks his tweets are funny

Twitter was pretty devastated that Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner didn’t announce Pete Davidson’s death by now.

It’s not that they might be keeping him from us. It’s that Davidson apparently still dies every damn day. At least, that’s what Davidson said in a new, mind-blowing video.

It all started a few days ago when Davidson tweeted, “… My friend is literally the love of my life. He beat cancer like 5 times. Now he’s beat ALS again and he’s finally twitter dead. Forever so happy to call him my best friend forever.”

It was the perfect way to grieve for Davidson, who had just lost his father to lung cancer a few weeks before. It was a start for his recovery, if you will.

But Davidson’s original tweet was only made worse by the incredible caliber of responses to it: Davidson’s peers and his girlfriend Ariana Grande implored him to check out the Senate health care debate while presenting numbers for cancer survivors who’ve beaten ALS, the online medication exchange that refers to Davidson as the 800-pound gorilla in the room, which is generally true (and not totally inauthentic), and all of the others whose favorite joke Davidson’s tweet made.

And of course, it led to one of the most hilarious comedy overachievers in the history of mankind to unleash his own numbers for cancer survivors, ALS and, in keeping with the time-honored tradition of the sextortion nightmare.

“I DID NOT TOUCH YOUR BROTHER YOU LITTLE BITCH.” She typed, pretending to be my brother. — Pete Davidson (@petedavidson) April 1, 2018

It was like watching Spice Girl from “Spice World” and the Black Beatles bomber jacket through a tangled cloud of hormones.

It’s because Davidson is so brilliant, we got that.

Kim and Kris support Kim too — the way the world support Kim — and so they were ready to have a party in honour of Davidson’s birthday, which was celebrated in Pittsburgh on Sunday.

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Kardashian posted a picture of her family and Davidson, including an extra-weird one of Davidson with two manicured nails, writing “Happy bday to my little brother!”

But that wasn’t the highlight of it, because neither were the people who made the invite.

The haters, the trolling, the bad-assery — it all felt so fresh that even the people who are notoriously shady couldn’t resist poking fun at the events with their own Instagram stories.

And, for his part, Davidson played along — he already had an AMA and photoshoot that very day, so he didn’t plan this as a surprise — and added memes to his post.

The only people who couldn’t enjoy Davidson for his clowning of the press were the ones who are still mourning his loss in real life.

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