U.S. military takes control of Sudan ahead of referendum

In a move expected to have widespread consequences, the United States Navy and the United States Army have secured the annexation of Sudan and have taken control of the new government in Khartoum. The events on Friday come just days after the United States State Department warned Sudan’s government that it would face “even more severe actions” if it failed to hold the upcoming plebiscite. The vote will ask Sudanese voters whether or not to adopt a new constitution that increases the president’s powers, removes much of the legislative control from the country’s parliament, and limits the power of many of the judiciary’s decisions.

The Washington Post reported that South Sudan’s president, Salva Kiir, is holding a political summit on Saturday to ensure the successful participation of his government’s soldiers in the referendum. In a statement issued on Friday, the Pentagon referred to the anti-government protests as “disturbances” that “are occurring throughout Sudan,” and said that the U.S. military is doing “everything possible to facilitate and protect the continuation of the referendum on 11th August.”

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