Vietnam town demands apology after viral video of toxic noodles

Written by Staff Writer, CNN

Vietnam’s Ministry of Public Security has summoned the owner of a shop selling noodles with two-meters-long salty legs to clarify reports alleging the business is selling false food safety standards.

The 18-second video emerged on social media last week. In it, mannequins appear to be splashed with a salt-glazed mixture that covers the mannequins’ genitals and thighs.

The noodles in question are made by the Peali restaurant chain, which is based in Ho Chi Minh City and operates in various places around Vietnam.

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The mannequins featured in the video were in a restaurant allegedly located at a site where some employees were allegedly seen selling the noodles last week.

The video is part of a campaign against the shop, launched by an online news outlet called Thin Ching Loong Seng.

It also featured a separate set of mannequins holding vegetarian or vegan versions of the noodles.

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The restaurant’s owner is a restaurant worker named Truong Viet Khem who runs his own restaurant, Trung Trung Noodle and Grill, which is located in a Ho Chi Minh City mall.

Truong has denied any wrongdoing, insisting the fake food was in fact “declassified” items.

“According to Vietnamese norms and regulations, no fake food has been distributed and sold and the accusations made are not true,” he told CNN.

The businessman filed a complaint with Vietnam’s Dien Bien Phu Cyberport Criminal Investigation Bureau, asking for the worker in the video to be charged with committing fraud against his business.

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