Why can’t I ski off the black? The flu virus is spreading!

The footage of people in Canada, Europe and Australia stopping work and only skiing off the black is sickening.

A new season in ski areas is the busiest time of year. But with what looks like a flu pandemic spreading across the world and people too scared to move indoors, who cares about skiing?

The footage of people in Canada, Europe and Australia stopping work and only skiing off the black, is sickening. Unless you are a medical professional, you probably don’t know much about influenza but it is absolutely terrifying that this could be another pandemic. It’s also dangerous for both skiers and the people who are catching it.

Getting a new virus sounds like a good thing, right? After all, most of us are getting older, especially those like me who are pregnant. Good luck staying healthy. My cancer has affected my immune system and I tend to have more symptoms than the average healthy woman.

Flu is linked to flu-like symptoms, like runny nose, diarrhoea, stomach pains, cough, aches and pains. It also causes fever and can cause pneumonia and bronchitis in children and adults who are fit.

If you are diagnosed with influenza you are advised to stay in bed for up to five days, without getting out of bed or performing any activities. What these videos from Chile show is that most people are staying home and completely ignoring recommendations to stay home if they have the flu.

If you have not got the flu and a fever, you should probably just stay home. Not sure if your children are being vaccinated? Check with their doctor. If your child needs to be quarantined, they need to wear a mask and be isolated from others. If they are in an ill state, they need a prescription for a dose of antiviral drugs.

Just got your flu shot? You’re probably also getting some ear and eye infections. Especially if your children are getting school sick which can happen if they have the flu.

Flu has claimed victims. Time to switch back to holiday plans!

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